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Best Places to Spot Birds in Half Moon Bay

Bird watching is a great activity for the whole family. It can be a good addition to your growing number of pastimes. It can be enjoyed by the young and old regardless of the gender. It's truly fascinating to see birds fly freely in their natural habitat. If you already have a good pair of binoculars, that should help you start your bird watching. If you are lucky enough, birds can appear in your neighborhood, at the back of your garden, at the park or in some areas in your country.
Half Moon Bay, a well-known birding destination is home to nearly 500 different bird species. Birders from California and in nearby states go here to witness this jaw-dropping sight. What are you waiting for? Go bird watching in Half Moon Bay.
1. Pillar Point Marsh
Nearly twenty percent of all North American bird species have been seen here by bird enthusiasts and first time birders. Birds like blue herons, snowy egrets, the red-winged blackbirds are just a few of the many birds that frequent this place. Long-billed curlew, rough-legged hawk, surf scoter can also be spotted here. 
2. Pescadero Marsh
How fascinating it is to see great blue herons nest in eucalyptus trees and the northern harriers glide over the meadows. A great view that you don't get to see everyday, but in Pescadero Marsh, it is a normal sight. It is during late fall and early spring that it is best to spot nearly 200 species of birds here. 
3. Devil's Slide Trail 
This place has been an incredible vantage point to spot different kinds of birds. It's the only spot on the coast where one can see Rock Wren and where Peregrine Falcons breed.
4. Ano Nuevo State Park
Aside from hiking and joining guided tours, Ano Nuevo State Park is also a great place to view the wildlife and have bird watching. There is a wide variety of birds that exist here waiting for everyone to see. Birds like gulls and snowy plovers and other migratory species can be seen here too. 
5. Wavecrest Open Space Preserve
In broad daylight, different birds, rare and common can be spotted here. It is an ideal place to view raptors like red-tailed hawks, red-shouldered hawks, white-tailed kites, northern harriers can be found here. They are usually seen during winter when this place turns into a spot for raptor-watching. At night, barn owls, short-eared owls can be seen here. 
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