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Style Guide in Attending a Wedding in Half Moon Bay

Wedding season is approaching quickly – this means that you need some help in deciding what you should be your style. You might have already attended a spring wedding these past months or an early fall celebrations in Half Moon Bay.

Well as a guest, you should know the couple preferences in what they expect from their guest if the invitations are descriptive. If not, it is essential to have a good interpretation. Every wedding is totally different. Here are a few outfit inspirations that will keep you celebrate in style.

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Event Type – Casual (But not too casual)

Hers: Summer sundress or a skirt or pants with a nice blouse; everyday, natural makeup and hair.

His: Dress pants with a button-down shirt or polo.

Event Type: Semi formal Dressy Casual (Think”night on the town”)

Hers: Cocktail dress or a dressy skirt and top

His: Suit and tie, dark for evening or light (like our Tan suit) for daytime events

Event Type: Beach Formal – Breezy, comfortable and weather-appropriate)

Hers: Formal (tea or knee length) summer sundress with flat sandals, natural, everyday make up and hair.

His: Summer suit and linen shirt (no tie required), linen pants or khakis

Event Style – Black Tie Optional

Hers: Long dress, dressy suit or formal cocktail-length dress in a dark, neutral color (brown or black).

His: Tuxedo or a formal dark suit and tie.

Event Style – White Tie ( The ultimate of formal)

Hers: Full length ball gown in a neutral color (brown or black), glamorous make up and dramatic jewelry and hair appropriate.

His: Tuxedo, long black jacket with tails, a white pique vest, bow tie, formal shoes and optional white gloves dancing.