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Explore Half Moon Bay: A quick guide to discovering the city's finest

This coastal city in San Mateo County, California is the perfect escape from the busy city. Whether you are looking for some exciting outdoor activities, startling sights and wonders or a peaceful view of parks and nature, Half Moon Bay is surely the best place to be. So here’s a list of the finest place to visit at Half Moon Bay.


If you are looking for a place with a stunning view of the ocean while biking or strolling around, Halfmoon Bay Coastside Trail might just be right for you. Its paved trail makes it easy for people to do brisk walking or a hassle-free biking. This 7.7 mile trail parallel to the Pacific Coast is definitely a sight to behold. The trails easy access to the beach makes it a good combination for surfers and bikers alike The scenic view of the ocean and hanging cliffs can be enjoyed by everyone while bird watching or simply nature viewing. Families and cliques can go here for a literal walk in park. Its easy to moderate trail makes it perfect for everyone. And if you are that type who is not into these activities, you can do a short leisure walk or sit on the bench while listening to the crashing of the waves from the ocean.

Don’t forget to bring your camera with you and take a picture of the scenic view of the ocean and the wildlife.
Mornings can be chilly, foggy or sometimes drizzly since it’s near the ocean, so it’s best if you bring something with you to protect you from the cold breeze, or better yet try visiting the place any time of the day except during early morning. Weekends are usually jam packed with cyclists, bikers and families, so if you are bringing your own car, better arrive early.

How to get there:
Just go to , and click directions.
For an accurate weather condition, you can visit and type Halfmoon Bay Coastside on the search bar.
Parking and Trail Access
To reach the Half Moon Bay State Beach visitor center, take State Route 1 and turn on Kelly Avenue toward the coast. The visitor center is at the end of Kelly Avenue. Park in the visitor center parking lot. There is no parking at the endpoints.

Additional parking is available at Venice Beach, at the end of Venice Boulevard off SR 1, and Dunes Beach, at the end of Young Avenue off SR1.                   


If you are looking for the best place to train for your next backpacking trip just around the bay area, well look no further, Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve is highly recommended for a great hike for you and your friends. Lots of redwoods  provide visitors with shaded hike as the sun will not directly hit you as you go through a lot of uphill climbing(and downhill ofcourse). Adding to the challenge other than the uphill and downhill climb are the narrow and wide paths. At some point in the trail, hikers will get an astonishing view of the bay area, just the perfect time for come picture taking and a short rest. Well-marked trails provide hikers an idea of the mileage and how much more to take. Banana slugs, blackberry vines and ferns are almost everywhere. Animals like rabbits, deers and a lot more will also greet you during your hike, too. Truly, a lovely biodiversity. This hidden gem near Halfmoon Bay should be on everyone’s list to visit.
The place can get crowded especially during the weekends.
Bring lots of water with you to fuel yourself as you go along the challenging trail.
Arrive early on the place as there can sometimes be a moderate trail traffic.
Dogs are not allowed in the preserve. 
Smoking is prohibited on preserves.
Helmets are required for all riders at all times.
Planning on some stroll or vigorous hike soon? Here’s how to get here:
Visit , enter your location on the search bar and click “get directions”.
For an accurate weather condition, you can visit and type Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve on the search bar.

​McNee Ranch Park
McNeee Ranch Park is located at San Francisco Peninsula in San Mateo County approximately 20miles South of San Francisco and 8 miles North of Half Moon Bay on Highway. It offers an amazing scenery of the Pacific Ocean and a wide panoramic view of the San Mateo County Coast. The 3-hour hike can be exhausting at first, but the view at the top, especially when the weather is clear is worth your every leg pain and back ache.

McNee Ranch is every mountain biker's favorite because of its rugged slope. Definitely a great spot for horeseback riding, biking or just contemplating the view. Animals and birds are abundant here, plus a diverse area of grassland and coastal scrubs, too. The park is almost totally exposed with few to none sheltered spots, so ready yourself from the scorching heat of the sun. For more info, contact State Park main office at Half Moon Bay at (650) 726-8819.

Check the weather beforehand if you plan to visit the place.
Bikers can get in your way so always be alert.
Bring binoculars with you especially during winter season for whale watching.
You can bring pets with you, but must be on leash.
Wear your hiking shoes and don't forget to bring lots of fluids to get you through the days hike.
Things you need to know:
No entrance fee
Free parking is available at Gray Whale Cove State Beach
Open daily from 8am til sunset

How to get there:
For directions you can visit