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Where to next 2019? 5 Fun Things to do along California's Coastside

The small coastal town of Half Moon Bay never disappoint when talking about the abundance of activities to try and explore. It is actually a gem that is full of surprises and lots of fun and exciting things to try that will be remembered forever. Only about an hour drive from San Francisco, Half Moon Bay will let you forget about the hustle and bustle of the city life. Here are the top picks of the best things to experience in Half Moon Bay.
Learn to Surf
Half Moon Bay is known for its surfing activities. Enthusiasts and first timers go here to enjoy the waves as high as 80 feet. Either you will see these expert surfers brave the gargantuan waves or spot some first timers learn how to ride their first waves.
Being the home of Mavericks Surf Competition that it is, Half Moon Bay has witnessed the stumble and success of these surfers. Beginners really don't need to worry about not being able to surf the right way because trainers and coaches are everywhere within the coastside area waiting for them to teach you how to surf. Surfing gears are also available in some surf shops located near the beach. If you want, you can rent or buy your own gear.
Go Bird Watching
Are you a bird lover? Do you want to see different species of birds as they fly freely and enjoy the natural habitat? Do you want to feel the freedom these birds feel as they fly the blue skies of the Half Moon Bay Coastside? Half Moon Bay is the ideal place in San Francisco Bay area for a sight-seeing and bird-watching. There are usually hundreds to thousands of birds that flock to the coast and they can be seen from wherever spot you are near the coastside. Some birds may be familiar and some are new to the ears and sight. Don't forget to bring your telescope with you to get a closer and more detailed look at these birds.
Try Horseback Riding
A walk at the beach allows everyone to enjoy the serenity and the beauty of Half Moon Bay's coastside. It is a perfect and relaxing way to see the coastside in its full beauty. However, when in Half Moon Bay, there is also a unique way to see the sweeping majestic beauty of the coast - by riding a horse, a morning horseback tour by the beach is a good idea to try in Half Moon Bay. It is a pretty much cool way for beginners to discover the coast especially for those who have never tried riding on a horse. Don't worry about falling off the horse because there are guides to make sure you have a relaxing and comfortable ride.
Buy a Souvenir
First-time Half Moon Bay visitors must never miss buying any memento from the souvenir shops near the coastside of Half Moon Bay. There is an amazing bunch if gift shops, specialty stores and souvenir shops within the area selling unique items and quirky stuff - a perfect souvenir for your family and friends waiting back home. These souvenir boutiques can be a little piece of heaven for people who love unique stuff and for people collecting unique memorabilia.
Shop and dine on Main Street
Taking a tour in Half Moon Bay is not complete without having to try the different food this cute coastal town has to offer. And where do we see the best restaurants and shops in Half Moon Bay? It is on Main Street. This place is definitely a piece of heaven here on Earth especially those who love to dine, unwind, relax and shop. Main Street has all the things that you need, from the antique shops to boutique selling fashionable clothes down to the best restaurants in downtown Half Moon Bay. There is basically anything and everything that is perfectly suited for your needs. Try the best and authentic Italian food at Pasta Moon and satisfy your taste buds that's been craving for Japanese cuisine at Sushi, Main Street.

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