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Top Things to Do in Moss Beach California

There are lot of things to see, places to visit and fun activities to experience when in Moss Beach, California.
1.Moss Beach Distillery
   140 Beach Way, Moss Beach, CA 
Considered to be one of the top-rated restaurants in Moss Beach California. Getting recognitions like Favorite Restaurant for Special Occasions, Most Romantic Coast side Spot, Best Waterfront Dining from 2014-2017, to name just a few. Moss Beach Distillery has gained the nods of different people and immense recognition from various polls and magazines. Aside from its mouthwatering dishes, this place also prides itself for its top-notch service and excellent views while dining. People go here not only for the food but also for the beautiful scenery. 
2. Pillar Point Bluff
    Airport St, Moss Beach, CA
It has always been a delight for every local especially hikers, joggers, bicyclists to see the beauty of the Pacific Ocean. Pillar Point Bluff is actually a great place to hike with your pet dog or a leisurely walk with your family and friends since the trails are mostly smooth and wide. After the hike, you will be rewarded with the awesome view of the Mavericks Surf and Princeton Harbor. 
3. Nasturium Art of Living
    440 Capistrano Road, Moss Beach, CA
This cute little shop sells cool items that every visitor will surely like. It has a lovely collection of items that are too cute not to purchase. They sell decors, handmade crafts, kitchen essentials, beach items, shirts, souvenir items and more. All sold at a cheap price. 
4. Cypress Meadows
    344 Cypress Ave., Moss Beach, CA
Whether you are looking for a wedding venue, a place for your birthday bash, a space for your high school reunion, or just a place for a simple get-together, Cypress Meadows is the right place for you. It can accommodate up to 150 guests and has been rated 5-stars in various review sites because of its beautiful place and awesome ambiance. Couples love it here because it has a unique blend of being coastal without being a “beach wedding” vibe. Its small but cute reception hall makes every wedding intimate and simple.
5. The Wine Room Moss Beach
     2305 Carlos St., Moss Beach, CA
This little but stylish local wine spot in Moss Beach has been attracting locals and tourists eversince it started its operations. It is beautifully decorated on the inside and it has a very laid back and sophisticated ambiance — making it a perfect place for a glass of wine with friends and family. On special days, there is a free live music from a local artist. They offer a great selection of wine and sumptuous food — all at a cheap and affordable price. If you are looking for a great place with a cozy and awesome atmosphere, amazing folks and good food and great music, The Wine Room is a must visit on the coast. 
Moss Beach is located at 800 N Lake St. Moss Beach, CA. It is an amazing beach area just north of Half Moon Bay. It’s an amazing place with great views perfect for that relaxing weekend off. It is approximately 32km south of San Francisco and 80km north of Santa Cruz, CA. 
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