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Top Half Moon Bay Adventures

Only 45 minutes drive away from San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, a small city on the California Coast has been many people’s favorite destination during summer. Its serene environment, beautiful landscape and being away from the noisy and busy city makes every tourist keeps coming back in this paradise. Here’s a quick guide for tourists looking for summer adventures in Half Moon Bay.
Enroll in a Surfing Lesson 

Northern California is known for its beaches and waves perfect for surfing.  Locals and tourists visit here not just to see the waves, but also to ride them. Experience surfing with the help of some local surfers. You don’t need to be a pro to enjoy the activity because these people will teach you just the right way of surfing. 
Go Hiking 

Hidden in the south of San Francisco and the Golden Gate is a precious gem waiting to be discovered. Coastal Redwood has slowly become the favorite place of hikers because of its spellbinding beauty. Hikers love it here because it offers different levels of difficulty. You can hike alone or you can be guided by local tour guides. 
Try Outdoor Fitness 

Who would have thought that you can actually experience relaxation while having fitness exercise outdoors? This is what outdoor fitness is all about. You can get to enjoy the nature while having workout sessions. This aims to train the mind, the body and the spirit while being one with nature; a perfect outdoor adventure for corporate people who don’t want to miss the gym while on a short trip.
Horseback Riding 

Not known to many, Half Moon Bay is actually a ranch country. Despite what most people think first whenever they hear the name of the place like hiking, surfing, and beaches, Half Moon Bay is slowly being recognized for its horseback riding activity. Experience the hidden beauty of Half Moon Bay while riding on a horse. First timers need not worry since there are guided tours being offered by the locals. Discover Half Moon Bay the unique way.

If you love the thrill of being on the waters, then you will surely love kayaking. It enables you to enjoy the nature as you spot aerial and aquatic animals. You can either kayak alone or go in groups. Pier Point Harbor located North of Half Moon Bay is considered to be one of the cutest and most protected harbors making it perfect for kayaking and other water activities.  Kayaking can be hard at first, but once you see the incredible beauty and serenity of the waters, you will definitely keep coming back to Half Moon Bay for more. So the next time you visit Half Moon Bay, don’t forget to try this exciting outdoor activity. 

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