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Tips for Windy Wedding at the Beach

Weddings are the best venue for future husband and wife to show to the world how they mean so much to each other. It’s also a perfect place for friends, acquaintances and family members to be together in a momentous event even just for a day. For most couples, weddings should be given extra time, effort and money as it just happens once in a lifetime. It should be grand, expensive and sophisticated affair. What adds to its being expensive is the wedding venue. Whether it’s just a simple garden wedding, a wedding by the beach, wedding in a hotel or church wedding, there’s no denying that weddings are an expensive thing.

So what if you decide to have a beach wedding? Yes, it’s cool, considering the beach as the backdrop and the cool breeze. On the other hand, celebrating wedding by the beach can also be disastrous. Here are some tips for wedding planners and couples who decide to have a beach wedding and how to overcome a windy day wedding.

1. Always consider the attire. Months prior that much-awaited beach wedding, couples should take into consideration the attire appropriate for the event. Take note of the length and material. Bridesmaids should be wearing short dresses so as not to face an embarrassing moment when the strong wind blows.

2. Guests never attend an event like wedding without visiting a salon for a make-up or hairstyling. A pulled up or pulled back hairstyle works best in the wind.

3. Keep the tabletop decors in place by putting card holders, table numbers in stylish pots. Keeping double sided tape, safety pins, thumb tacks handy would help in case the strong wind blows.

4. Adding candlelight to the wedding can add glamour and charm to the overall look of the wedding. However, using real candles can be tiring especially if the wind blows and the light turns off. Using battery operated candles will do the trick.

5. Wind poses a challenge for sound. So lapel microphones won’t help on a very windy day. Be sure to use wind screens for the microphones to avoid interruption during the wedding. 

A windy day at the beach shouldn’t stop you from having that dream beach wedding. Just follow these simple tips to have a stress-free and worry-free exchange of “I do’s” at the beach.