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Summer Camp Guide in Half Moon Bay

Before you know it, summer is already here. Don’t let your kid’s summer break be boring, there are a lot of summer fun camps and activities for him or her to join and enjoy. Here’s a summer camp guide that you can check just in case you are planning to enroll your kids this summer. 
What: Open Ocean Surfing Lessons and Camps         
Who: all ages are welcome! No age limit.

Enjoy the thrill of surfing, challenge yourself with ocean games or just enjoy the beach fun this camp has to offer. Reserve your slots now. Visit their website. You may also call them at these numbers (650) 867 0315.
What: Summer Swim Camp         
Who: kids from 4-6 years old

What are you waiting for? Enjoy daily 30-mintue swimming lessons plus you get to play games, learn arts and crafts, and enjoy a field trip down the Main Street. First time swimmers are encouraged to sign-up! Reserve your slots by visiting this site or you can contact them at (866) 896 3603. 
What: HEAL project         
Who: Children ages 6-11 are welcome to join
When: Mon-Fri, 9am-3pm

Appreciate the great outdoors while learning. Join the HEAL Project and start appreciating the nature. This is your time to connect with the Mother Nature. All these and more in a 6-week day camp program. Sign up now by visiting their website.
What: Susan Hayward School of Dancing 32nd annual theatre arts, music and dance camp
​Who: Youth ages 5-17 years old

Is your kid into theater acting? Or does he/she excel in the dance department? Start honing his/her talent and sign up now at  this site.
You can also call them at (650) 728 7519 for more details.
What: Coastal Adventure Summer Camp
​Who: kids 5-13 years old

Don’t miss out this fun adventure as you explore the wonderful sights if the peninsula.
Sign up now at or call (650) 303 4055 
Surely, summer camps are tiring and enjoyable at the same time. What better way to end every summer camp is to just relax and unwind? Harbor View Inn rewards every hotel guests with 5-star accommodation. Thanks to their very friendly staff, cool amenities and top of the line service. Visit Harbor View Inn at 51 Ave Alhambra, Half Moon Bay, CA. 

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