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Last Minute Summer Fun for the Whole Family

If you can’t still get over your summer escapades and still want to make more summer memories with the whole family, well this is your last chance. Schedule your last minute summer outing with the entire family before the school formally starts. Here are some of the last minute summer ideas that you can do without breaking the bank.
1. Go to the Park 

How many of you have actually tried visiting a state park during summer or perhaps during their free time? State parks often have family-friendly activities like biking, hiking, fishing or bird watching. Skip the long lines in amusement parks, state parks are worth giving a chance. 
2. Visit an Amusement Park 

If state parks are not your thing, a visit to the nearest Amusement Park can be your best option. You can either try your favorite rides only or get an all-access pass or a ride-all-you-can ticket so you can enjoy every ride in the park.
3.  Go for a road trip 

Nothing beats the joy and excitement a road trip brings to a person. What more if you are on a road trip with your entire family? Discover the hidden gems in your community or drive your way out of town and see the beauty there is in your neighborhood.
4. Try Geocaching 

Geocaching is slowly becoming popular among the millennials nowadays. If you are the type who loves treasure hunting, this one is a must-try. You only need a GPS enabled mobile phone and you are good to go. This outdoor treasure hunting will let you go to places while meeting other geocachers.
5. Go to a Water Park 

Summer won’t be complete without a visit to a water park. Anyway, summer is boring without the water fun, right? Summer isn’t over yet, so get your swimsuit and your swimming gears and savor the last few days of summer with your family.
6. Visit a historical site 

Make the last days of your summer worthwhile by visiting a historical site in your place. Your kids might not like the idea of hitting the beach or taking a dip on the pool, maybe touring inside a historical site will interest them.

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