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How to Deal with Black Friday Rush

For most shoppers, the traffic and the crowd is never an issue as this is the only day for them to get awesome items at discounted price. People usually tirelessly line up outside shops to get the best items first. Others just shop online to avoid the rush of people in physical stores and shops. However, is Black Friday shopping really worth it? Here are some of the tips to keep in mind to gear you up for a Black Friday shopping bonanza.

1. Ask yourself first if you need it (item) before buying it.

Have you ever tried buying something that you don’t actually need but you still bought it just because it’s on sale, then eventually regretted buying it? Most shops put outdated items on sale, often slashing half the original price just for them to get rid of the items that don’t actually sell. Say for instance an old smartphone model sold at half its price. You know that you still have a perfectly working smartphone, but since it’s on sale, you are tempted to buy it. Try asking yourself first if you need another phone or it’s just a waste of money if you decided to buy it. Some of us become impulsive buyers when we see items on sale. If you need it, go buy it. If not, put it back on the shelf.
2. Are you sure you are getting the best deals?

This is the only day of the year when most, if not all, shops offer bargains and items at discounted prices. So settling at one store at one place will never help you get the best of the best deals. Say for example establishment A sells product B at 50% off, you are so thrilled to buy it because you think it’s a great deal, not knowing that establishment B sells the same item at 80% off. Black Friday is the best day to test your patience in comparing prices of the same item in different stores and then eventually getting the best deals.
3. As a shopper, you should be cognizant of the store policies and guidelines when buying their products.

Most shops put the non-selling items on the clearance section of the store to catch the attention of the buyers. They often slash the price or give them at a buy one take one deal. However, most of these items have broken sizes( shoes, apparels) or a not so good color or material. Always check their “exchange” policies, because sometimes, when you already purchased the item, you have no option to return it or exchange it for a different product. 

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