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How to Accommodate your Wedding Guests: A Quick Guide

Pre-wedding jitters are normal. No, you are not losing your sanity or you are not in your right senses. Everything is perfectly fine. You are fine. And these jitters are just part of any wedding preparation. One of the most common problems of soon to be husband and wife is the pre-wedding preparation. From the wedding invitations, gown fitting, guest list, the wedding budget, researching caterers, and photographers and other things to consider, everything must be perfect before the big day. Wedding planning should be fun and exciting, but unfortunately, it can be really very stressful too. Many brides to be and husband to be also experienced pretty much the same thing. So before you think of cancelling the wedding or putting off all these wedding preparations, think of the many couples who successfully exchanged their " I do's" despite the stress they faced prior the wedding day.

One of the major problems of the couples is the accommodation, especially if they really have a large number of expected guests and they come from far places, so booking them a hotel accommodation near the wedding venue is a smart decision, at least they will not worry about arriving at the wedding venue on time as they can stay in the hotel a day prior the wedding day. And going home late after the wedding party is over is never an issue since they are checked-in the hotel where the wedding venue is. Below is a list of the important things to remember when booking a hotel accommodation for your guests
1.      Check for hotels adjacent to the wedding venue that caters to a large number of people. Doing so can save your guests, time and effort come the wedding day. 
2.      Before booking a hotel, call as many hotels as possible and ask for their rates. You can compare them later and see which offers the most affordable rate without sacrificing the comfort. 
3.      For the guests, include in your invitation detailed information of their accommodation, the check-in and check-out time, what to bring and probably a direction map to the hotel, which includes its distance to the wedding venue. 
4.      Negotiate for discounts and ask for freebies especially if most of your guests are checked-in in the hotel.
5.      Providing a mini bus or a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding venue may add to the convenience of the guests. 
And for couples who would tie the knot near Half Moon Bay, Harbor View Inn is a must-consider hotel, not only for the wedding guests but also for the couples planning to have their post wedding ceremonies like the honeymoon.  Half Moon Bay is home to many perfect wedding receptions and a limitless number of attractions. Harbor View Inn offers great deals for couples, too. They have a single king, single queen and double queen rooms to accommodate your needs.

Amenities like cable television, Wi-Fi connection and appliances can also be enjoyed. Most rooms offer a picturesque view of the bay and the harbor. Enjoy luxury and great comfort at an affordable price. For this summer, take advantage of Harbor View Inn Starbucks Summer Special. You can get your 10% discount voucher when you subscribe to their Newsletter. Promo is valid from June 20 -September 20, 2017, from Sunday to Thursday only.