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DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

There are a number ways to wrap your present in a special and unique way as the gift itself. Go for the unusual, be creative and make your gifts (and gift wrapping styles) stand out. Below are a few gift-wrapping ideas for those who gone tired of thinking what gift-wrapping style they should try for every gift that they wrap. 

1. Instead of ribbons, try using dried flowers and leaves as a gift topper. This will add wow factor to your present. Be unconventional. Make the gift look as if it’s given so much love and effort.

2. Make your gift simple by using plain-colored good quality wrappers. Ask for the recipients’ favorite color and use it as the color of the wrapper. You can use a box where you can put the gift inside. This makes the gift more exciting to open.

3. When out of budget, consider using brown wrapping paper, but make it cute and stylish by cutting out the wrapping paper into Christmas-inspired shapes like Santa, sugarcane or tree. Sandwich the gift between the two wrapping papers and close it using a double-sided tape or you can also stitch its sides using a thread.

4. Add a little (or more) color to your gifts by using multi-colored tapes instead of the plain ones. The tape will serve its purpose plus an added design as well. You can form horizontal or vertical lines using the tapes or you can play with shapes too.

5. Bring out the artistic side in you. All you need is your (son’s or daughter’s) crayons, a plain white wrapper (bond paper will do) and of course the box where you will put the present. Be creative; make abstract designs using the different colors of the crayons. It could be messy but it’s sure worth it. 

6. If you have a good quality but used clothes at home, plain or with design. Try using it as a wrapper for your gift.  Wrap it around the box and use the sleeves of the clothes to tie the gift. This will not cost you money since you will only use a readily available cloth that you don’t wear. 

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