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5 Creative Proposal Ideas This New Year’s Eve

Here are some ideas that you can try to get her to say “I do”:

Public Proposal

One of the best places to propose is a somewhere special for the two of you. It could be the park where you first met or her favorite restaurant. You can make a plan this New Year’s Eve to go there with your girlfriend, and take a little trip down memory lane. At exactly 12 midnight, go down on your knee and propose. So romantic and special!

At-Home Proposal

If you plan on celebrating New Year’s Eve at home, a great idea can be spelling out "Will you marry me?" in the bed or at the kitchen counter. You can also use chalk and write it on the driveway. You can spell it out in your garden if you have one. You can try baking a cake and spell out the proposal. You can also use candles and make a candle-lit path in your house or garden that leads to your proposal. All you need is to be creative – duct tape, colored paper, and flower petals are all good choices as well.

Techie Proposal

Some people like to make elaborate plans when proposing. You can plan a get-together with you, your family and friends on New Year’s Eve. You then can get some of your family and friends to help you with a plan. For example, you can get them to hold a rose or a card that spells out “Will You Marry Me?” and create a path. When your girlfriend gets to the end of the path, she will see you with the ring. If your girlfriend would rather spend New Year’s Eve at home, you can try setting up a webpage on the internet stating your love and your proposal message. Then, you can send her a message before 12 midnight with the link and when she opens it, be ready with the ring.

Surprise Party Proposal

Some of the best proposals are done in the presence of family and close friends. You can arrange a surprise party as both a celebration of the engagement and New Year’s Eve. For example, you can ask her to meet you at a restaurant or maybe at the park, then propose to her. When she says “I do”, your family and friends can come out of hiding and celebrate!

Destination Marriage Proposal Idea

At New Year's Eve, you can plan a romantic getaway for you and your girlfriend. Find a location that will best set the mood for the occasion. One of the most romantic places is Half Moon Bay, California. A great place to visit is Pillar Point Harbor and Coastside Trail where you and your girlfriend can enjoy magnificent views of the Pacific coastline while taking an invigorating walk along the Coastside Trail. You can propose to your girlfriend after the walk or maybe you can you can find a great seafood restaurant after the walk. Just before the clock strikes 12, propose to her, and you'll have a lot more to celebrate than just the New Year.

Another great idea is proposing at the comfort of your hotel. At the end of a day's sightseeing, go for a relaxing drink or maybe a quiet dinner in your room. You can arrange for the hotel staff to set up candles, flowers, and champagne in your hotel room beforehand. When you return to your room, you're all set for a beautiful surprise proposal.

If you're planning to have a staycation on New Year’s Eve or you are visiting Half Moon Bay and are looking for a nice hotel to stay in? Harbor View Inn is a convenient and great choice to stay in. For online reservations, click here. You may also reach us at (650) 726-2329.

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