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5 Awesome Gift Ideas For The Hostess At Thanksgiving Dinner

When you have been invited as a guest to Thanksgiving dinner, you have most likely contacted your host and asked what, if anything, you can contribute to the meal. But when you're invited as a guest, it's also a thoughtful idea to bring a little something extra to thank your hosts for having you. Here are some ideas that you can consider bringing:


One of the best things to bring is sweet dessert! After dinner, people are usually looking for something sweet to chew on while conversation and stories are circling the table. Sweets are also great gift not just for the adults but also for the kids. Some great desserts to bring are sweets, candies, pies, cakes, cupcakes, nuts, chocolates and of course wine!


Another great idea is to present your hostess with a set of toiletries to help give her a stress-free relaxation afterwards because planning and preparing a gathering is hard work! You can include in the toiletries set the following: hand soap, scented bar soaps, bath salts, bath gel, lotion, scented candles, and tea bags.

Table/Kitchen Ware

Some people appreciate a gift that can be reused for future dinners and gatherings. These kind of gifts are usually items that can be used in cooking or table setting. Some great gift ideas for this are: linen napkins, drink Stirrers, kitchen knives, bottle openers, coaster set, wine glasses, cutting board, wine chiller, coffee maker, containers, olive oil and vinegar set, cocktail mixer, wine bottle wrap and more.

Fun and Entertainment

After dinner, usually people are likely to sit around, drink wine and discuss their Christmas plans or stories of how their week has gone. But to make things more interesting for everyone, you can bring games that can be played by all ages and enjoyed by all. Some examples are the following: games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Jenga, or a speaker for the phone or computer. If adults would rather sit and talk, you can bring something for the kids like coloring books and activity books.


Sometimes, the best gift is something that your hostess really likes or maybe collects or maybe has been wanting to buy for a long time. You can give a nice tote bag for grocery shopping, a cactus, some herbs and spices or some vintage cooking books.

It is important to remember that it is not about how much the gift costs. You don’t need to buy a luxurious or expensive gift! You can give a hand crafted or personalized gift to make it more special or you can do something classic and give a nice bouquet of flowers! Remember, it is the thought that counts! Happy Thanksgiving!

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