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10 DIY Christmas Ornaments That Will Make Your Tree Look Better

Now that you have finally bought your Christmas tree and started to put it up in the corner of your house. It is now high time to put some decor on it. Putting up a Christmas tree doesn't usually take long, what makes it a taxing activity is because you will have to decorate it according to your taste and liking. And sometimes, Christmas decors bought in shopping centers don't satisfy you, so you opt to make your own decors and ornaments from recycled items found at home. Moreover, buying one in the market can be really very costly. So why buy when you can make your own decors and ornaments? For an easy to follow DIY ways of making a budget-friendly decors, check below for a list of tips and tricks.
1. Star Ornaments
You only need corrugated cardboard cut into squares, preferably in 2x2 inch size. Using glue, stick one square over the other such that it forms a parol-like shape. Cut out a smaller square with design and glue it above the cardboard. Get 8 pins and push them on each corner using a yarn. Start looping at around one pin above or below it. Repeat the process until you create a star-shaped pattern.
2. Photo Ornaments
Using a cardboard cut in small circles, glue your past holidays pictures with your family on it. Make sure that the photo is a little smaller than the cardboard so that it will have a frame effect.
3. Confetti Ornaments
You might have an old Christmas balls that you used to hang in your Christmas tree that started to wear out. Don't throw them away because you can still use them by making them look new. You only need glue, confetti and the used Christmas ball. Pour the confetti on a plate. Put some glue on the ball and start rolling it on the confetti. Let it dry before hanging it on the tree.
4. CD Ornament
Using an old CD, a ribbon and glitter glue, paint a design on one side of the CD using the glitter glue. Using a ribbon, make a loop and a bow for each one of your creation.
5. Small Gifts Ornament
Using a plain cardboard, create small boxes such that they resemble as a gift box. Wrap the gift boxes using old magazine or old Christmas wrappers. Make small ribbons and glue them on top of each box. Hang them in the Christmas tree after.
6. Rustic Twig Ornament
You only need twigs, garden shears, and glue. Cut the twigs into small pieces and glue them together such that they create a design like a snowflake. This pretty little ornament is perfect as a decor in your Christmas tree.
7. Note in a Bottle
First, write a note on a small piece of paper and roll it using a matchstick. Tie it using a thread or a ribbon. Use an old small bottle that you used as a tester perfume container. Make sure it's empty. Put the note inside the bottle and use a thread to hang it in your tree.
8. Key Ornaments
Your old keys can make a great addition to your Christmas tree decors using a metallic silver spray paint. Spray the keys, but be careful not to spray your hands coz this activity can really get dirty if not done the right way. Get a holiday ribbon you used from last year. String it through and tie it at the end. Lastly, watch them hang beautifully in your Christmas tree.
9. Snowman Jar Ornament
You will need a small jar bottle, paint and a thread. Paint the jar using white acrylic paint; make sure to cover the entire bottle. Let it dry. Paint the lid with black acrylic paint. Let it dry. Once everything is dry, draw a mouth, nose and eyes using black paint. Make sure it looks like a snowman. Let it dry. Hang it in your tree or place it under the Christmas tree together with the Christmas presents.
10. Scrabble Ornaments
You need scrabble pieces from your old scrabble board, glue stick and a yarn. Using the scrabble pieces, glue each letters one after the other. It can be vertically or horizontally. You can spell your family member's names using these letters. After you had them glued altogether, make sure to glue the string. This will serve as your hook to the Christmas tree.
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